S2D Plan and Design

Before you Start, Plan and Design for S2D:

  1. Hardware Requirments
  2. CSV read-cache (Optional)
  3. Drivers for S2D
  4. Volumes in S2D
  5. Disater recovery


Gather the following information:

  1. Deployment option.
    • hyper-converged
    • converged.
  2. Server names:Get familiar with your organization’s naming policies for computers, files, paths, and other resources.
  3. Domain name:Get familiar with your organization’s policies for domain naming and domain joining
  4. RDMA networking:Note which one your network adapters use, and if RoCE, also note the version (v1 or v2). For RoCE, also note the model of your top-of-rack switch.
    • Types of RDMA protocols
      • iWarp
      • RoCE
  5. VLAN ID:Note the VLAN ID to be used for management OS network adapters on the servers, if any.