Exchange 2016/2013 Server – Blank / Empty OU List

Exchange Server does not list all the OU or the OU is empty Blank / Empyt 


empty ou list01

Solution :

  1. get OU number
    1. Get-OrganizationalUnit -ResultSize unlimited | Measure-Object
  2. go to the path
    1. “D:\Program Files\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\V15\ClientAccess\ecp\web.config”
  3. Edit Web.config using notepad
  4. add the follwing key to the <AppSettings> section
    1. <!– allows the OU picker when placing a new mailbox in its designated organizational unit to retrieve all OUs – default value is 500 –>
    2. <add key=”GetListDefaultResultSize” value=”1000″ />
  5. save the file
  6. Recycle ECP app pool.
    1. Restart-WebAppPool MSExchangeECPAppPool






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